New Year's menu !

New Year's  menu !

Dear guests, New Year is soon!

Book delicious Christmas dishes in our restaurant and spend free time with your family and friends. Check out the New Year's menu and choose what you mostly like.

Calling  for orders (067) 187-49-49 (044) 279-02-11 or in our restaurant

Kostelna, 3  st.


Cold snacks:

Chicken    olivier                                                            500g / 160uah

Beef olivier                                                                     500 g / 180uah

Babahanush with eggplant and sesame                   500g / 190hrn

Chicken liver pate                                                         300g / 184hrn

Pork neck ham                                                              500g / 268hrn

Chicken liver terrine                                                     500 g / 278hrn


Hot meals:

Salmon pie with broccoli (2kg cake)                            2000 g / 640hrn

Chicken pie with bacon and onions                             2000 g / 520hrn

Chicken stuffed with mushrooms                                1000g / 260hrn

Baked duck stuffed marinated pear                             1pc / 420hrn

Homemade sausage                                                        500g / 220hrn



Napoleon cake                                                                1000g / 250uah

Chocolate cake with ganache                                      1000g / 440hrn

Eclairs with chocolate mousse                                     1 pc (100g) / 36hrn

Christmas ginger-honey house cake                          3000h / 1400hrn


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