Lenten Menu!

Dear guests we are welcome you for a Lenten menu!

Bruschetta with roasted mushrooms mix  and pesto sauce, 48uah

Bruschetta with stewed beets in josper and tofu cheese, 48 uah

Bruschetta with a lobby beans and dried tomatoes, 48 uah

Roasted sweet potatoes salad with  peppers, zucchini and kinoa, 112 uah

Vinigret salad  with beans and truffle oil, 78 uah

Spicy tofu tartare with  avocado, cucumber and peanut sauce, 124 uah

Lenten soup with fried mushrooms, 76 uah

Spicy pumpkin soup with ginger and dried plums, 82 uah

Beet risotto with  pesto sauce  and SunDry tomatoes, 128uah

Samosa with spicy ratatouille  and squash caviar, 112 uah

Tagliatelle with pumpkin and mustard grapes, 98 uah

Сoconut-figs  truffles in kerob chocolate glaze, 78 uah

Pie with dried apricots, honey on peanut biscuits, 92 uah

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