New summer offer from chef!

Swordfish carpaccio with strawberry - lime chutney and tobiko caviar with  fresh basil 160g / 215hrn

Lamb fillet tartar with citrus vinaigrette, parmesan  crust, dried yolks and spicy croutons. 190 / 192hrn

Rabbit terrine in beet marmalade with mustard- strawberry  salad. 220 / 168hrn

Beet gazpacho with roasted peppers, stewed calf cheek in Chantilly cream . 320 / 126hrn

Cold beef  yogurt soup  Okroshka. 350/92 UAH

Roasted  young chicken in Biscoe  sauce with asparagus, prosciutto cotto and shiitake mushrooms. 420 / 214hrn

Grilled swordfish steak  served with chicory citrus, asparagus and cherry salsa. 270/298 UAH


Vanilla ice cream, baked with lemon meringue sauce. 180 / 124hrn

Strawberries à la Romanov with mascarpone cream. 130/86 UAH

Fresh strawberries. 100/28 UAH

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